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DataCaptureForm Configuration

To use Data Capture Form Module you should have RichContact Component Installed

Create a new contact in RichContact, so go to Components->RichContact->Contacts

Click New button in tool bar and fill in the form

In Fields tab, choose fields from Items List and drag and drop them to a single column either left or right column

Click the button “Save” to save a contact. In contact list read a contact ID.

Now Configure a module, Please go to Extensions->Module Manager

In Module Manager Click on the link “Data Capture Form” to edit the module

You enter into Edition page

1. Under Details type a name for module, select a position and check enabled to Yes

2. Under Parameters enter a Contact ID. Select column (Left or Right) in which you have put fields and make sure that a Last Name field exists in this column, because it is required. You can also choose to show or hide a subject field in form. Enter dimensions of fields form. Enter your greeting message, by default it’s “Thank you”. If you want to use module style check Yes in “Use Module Style”

3. Under Menu Assignment check “Select Menu Item(s) from the List” option. In Menu Selection list select menus in order to pick the pages on which the Data Capture Form module will be available:

Don’t assign the module to RichContact Menu, RichContact component form and Data Capture Form should not available in a same page.
Click “Save” and check out the site for the results.

1. SugarCRM information, form fields and setgroup order (Without Captcha), email to and capture setting are taken from RichContact component
2. Style sheet can be easily accessed and modified in modules/mod_datacaptureform/datacaptureform/datacaptureform.css