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CBTiger Documentation : 6 Capture data into Vtiger - Custom leads fields

CBTiger allows you to quickly and easily capture information from CB registration form to Vtiger Leads(Contacts/Accounts)
In this tutorial we will see how to capture information into Vtiger leads custom fields

1- Vtiger Side :Create the custom field in Vtiger module (Leads):

In Vtiger admin side go to settings->Module Manager

Than in Custom Information section click on "Add Custom Field" icon

And fill in the following form

Click the save button

The custom field is now created in Vtiger side

2- Joomla! Side : Let’s create the custom field in Joomla! side through the Community Builder component:

Go to Components->Community Builder->Field management

Click on "New Field" Button

Fill the form and pay attention to the type of fields; here the type is "Text Field" to meet our Custom Field type which is created in Vtiger CRM

After creating the custom field in CB side we have to map the Custom fields.

3- Import Data in CBTiger :

In CBTiger Menu go to CRM->Import Data or in CBTiger Control Panel click on "Import Data"

Be patient until CBTiger finish the Data Import from Vtiger to Joomla!.

4- Mapping Fields :

Than in CBTiger Menu go to "Mapping Fields" or in Control Panel click on "Mapping Fields" shortcut

In Fields Association section go to CB Extra Fields and click on "Associate" icon in the line of our custom field example "CB Custom Field"

In popup box you can use the filter to get just the Leads fields and click on "CBTiger Custom Field" field; than you get "is mapped' message

Now we have mapped fields, let make a test to see if the data are correctly captured in our Vtiger CRM.

After registration let’s see if the new user is correctly registered in Joomla! site.

And in Components->Community Builder->User management

After registration let’s see what happens in Vtiger CRM