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CBTiger Documentation : 5 Mapping Fields

When the registration with CB component is done, information coming from predefined fields in CB registration form, which are First Name, Last name (or name) are captured in order into First Name, Last Name of Vtiger Leads (Contacts/Accounts) Table.
Now information coming from Extra Fields in CB registration form are captured depending on your definition of association between CB extra field and Vtiger Leads (Contacts/Accounts) Field.

Let’s see how to do this association. You can create CB extra field.
Go to Components -> Community Builder -> Field Management

Community Builder - Field Management

In Field Manager click on New Field button

Fill-in form and click on “Save” button

After creating the CB Extra field, you can associate it with Vtiger leads fields.
Go to CBTiger Control Panel click on Fields Association button.

In CB Extra Fields list click on Associate icon

In this example the CB field: Email is associated to Vtiger Field email.

CB Field is associated to Vtiger Field

In popup window select which Vtiger leads(Contacts/Accounts) field you want to associate with CB or Extra CB field

If after association between CB or CB Extra Field and Vtiger field, you have deleted this CB filed from CB Component, a notice will be appear ask you to synchronize CB Table fields and Association fields. You should click on the link to synchronize.