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I- Configuration access:

Click on Configuration link in the left menu or on the Configuration shortcut in the Control Panel of SugaryCB

II- Configuration:

1- CRM Information:

Here you can enter the following CRM information

a- CRM URL installation
b- CRM Username
c- CRM Password

The button "Check the CRM Information before saving" allows you to check the information you have entered before saving

- Important:
a- Make sure that you have correctly installed and configured your CRM, and if there is no problem in your CRM SOAP.
Make sure that you have created the User in your CRM.

2- Setup your CB Events and CRM Operations:

# CB Events CRM Operations
1 When the user is registered - Do no thing
- Create
- Lead
- Contact/Account
2 When the user registration is confirmed - Do no thing
- Create
- Convert lead to Contact
- Add to campaign
3 When the user registration is approved - Do no thing
- Create
- Convert lead to Contact
- Add to campaign
4 When the user profile is updated - Do no thing
- Update
5 When the user is deleted - Do no thing
- Delete

- Important:
Your CB configuration should be in accordance with your SugaryCB configuration (CB Events setting)

3- The access from the CRM to Joomla:

In case you use the product SugaryCBClientServer and if you want limit the access from SugarCRM to Joomla only for one IP, you can enter this IP into the Allowed IP.

4- General:
This section allows you to setup :
a- Logs: Enable/Disable logs.
b- Assistance: Allows you to get notices and messages that help you when using SugaryCB.
c- SugaeyCB latest versions announcements