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Export records from SugarCRM to Joomla

You can export Leads or Contacts/Accounts records from SugarCRM to Joomla users table using SugaryCBClient module. Go to the Admin section of your SugarCRM and scroll down to the SugaryCBClient section. Click on "SugaryCBClient Export".

Select the module you want to export to and click on the export button. Please wait until the module is finished exporting the records.

Before exporting ensure that :

  1. The CB fields are mapped with SugarCRM fields. For more detail please see: Map Fields.
  2. The records have different email addresses before exporting them, because each Joomla user should have as a unique email address.
  3. The SugaryCBClient module is correctly configured and the Joomla information are entered. For more detail please see:
  4. Before the export go to CB configuration in the Registration tab select Yes for "Autogenerate random registration" and save. This will allow sending of email containing the username and the password to each CB user when the corresponding record (Lead or Contact) is exported.
    When you finish the export you can set the option to "No".