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1.4 Form Manager : New / Edit - Layout


This tab is where you can manage the contact form layout.

Layout Toolbar

In the Layout manager, you will see the toolbar: :

Create a new fieldset
Create a message Field, you can create only one message by contact
Create a Captcha, you can create only one captcha by contact
Delete an element

Insertion of the fields in the form

You can insert any fields, from fields list in the left side, to any fieldset in the right side, by a simple manipulation of drag and drop. You can also change the place of fields from fieldset to other fieldset.
You can not insert fields directly in the form, you should create at least one fieldset and insert in this fieldset.

Elements reordering

You can change the order of elements by a drag and drop elements and save by clicking on save icon in toolbar.

Element selection

To select an element (fieldset, message or captcha) double click on this element which will be highlighted in yellow. To unselect an element press escape key.

Changing the name of Fieldset

You can change the name of a fieldset, when you select the fieldset, a textbox will apear in the right side of toolbar, enter the new name,
and click on save icone or press enter key.

Delete an element

To delete an element (fieldset, message or captcha), select this element and click on delete icone in toolbar or or press delete key.

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