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RichContactPro Changelog


* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

----------- 2010-10-09 Released v1.0.1 stable ----------------

# Special characters not displayed correctly in dropdown field options
# Special characters not displayed correctly in fieldset label
# Captcha doesn't work when a form is submitted
# Trim function applied to SugarCRM URL
# There is no error when the data are not returned in the correct format when connecting to SugarCRM
^ jQuery noConflict in the validation script
^ Captcha text is required
$ Replace the word Contact by Form
$ Some language correction

----------- 2011-05-22 Released v1.1 stable ----------------

+ -> Compatibility with Joomla 1.6
+ -> Theme managerTheme installer
+ -> Each form can have its own style
# -> Special characters problem in fieldset label name
# -> copy of email doesn’t work
# -> Validation error when a fieldset doesn't contain any field that have a validation rule

----------- 2011-08-01 Released v1.2 stable ----------------

+ -> RichContactPro Module : now you can place a form in any module position you desire
+ -> RichContactPro System Plugin : used to load the jQuery and Javascript libraries into the head of your template.
+ -> New themes for RichContactPro module
# -> The demo data are now correctly inserted in Joomla1.6 and Joomla1.7

----------- 2011-09-26 Released v1.3 stable ----------------

+ -> RichContactPro Module : now you can place multiple forms in various positions you desire in the same page.
+ -> RichContactPro Plugin: now you can place a form in any article you desire.
^ -> NuSOAP: Upgrade the NuSOAP to the latest version v 1.123.
# -> Bug fix: Accept the quote character in the label and in the name of SugarCRM modules and fields.
# -> Bug fix: Some bug installation.

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RichContactPro Testimonials

" This bridge is a most have. specially now that joomla and wordpress are kind of internet standart applications " by xfgarcia, on the JED

" It worked very well, easy to install and use" by jPaschenda, on the JED

" It all works like a dream now Ive stopped fiddling wth the controls... Many thanks SugaryCB!Support responded with instructions, each time within a few minutes of being asked. And finally when all the obvious stuff had been checked and..." by cleos , on the JED