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RichContacPro Features

Form builder

Form Builder

Create unlimited number of webforms Insert fields, layouts and reorder them with a simple Drag and Drop manipulation Select pre-defined and custom fields in webforms Create many types of custom fields Allow you to define a default value of fields Protect from spam with Captcha Redirect users after a form submission to a specific URL Word banning Display the form in module position Avoid the Javascript conflict with other extensions in your Joomla Web site


RichContactPro Workflow

Create workflow with a set of tasks and conditions, executed after submission
Each condition can contain a number of tasks and conditions
Ability to create send email task
Ability to create saving in database task
Ability to create SugarCRM integration task
Ability to create alert task
Ability to reorder task by a simple drag and drop
Ability to move a task or condition to other condition by a simple drag and drop

SugarCRM integration

RichContactPro SugarCRM

Speedy configuration of SugarCRM
You can test connection with SugarCRM before saving SugarCRM information
Ability to synchronize with SugarCRM fields by a simple click
Ability to synchronize with SugarCRM modules by a simple click
Ability to synchronize with some SugarCRM statistics by a simple click
You can associate fields with one or more SugarCRM fields easily
Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Prospects, Cases and custom module are supported
Multiple operations can be applied with submitted data to SugarCRM Module
You can create, update or delete records in SugarCRM modules tables
You can also convert a lead to a contact
Set a relationship when create SugarCRM modules entries except for custom modules

Save in Database

RichContactPro Save data

Save all your submitted data in Database and view it easily
Ability to export saved data to CVS file format, viewable on MS Excel
Ability to export saved data to vCard file format, viewable on MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird


RichContactPro Logs

The Log indicating errors or inconsistencies that have arisen during processing
Ability to export the log to text file format
Ability to clean the log

Style customization

RichContactPro Themes

The CSS file can be easily accessed and modified to best make the contact form fit your site design
Ability to install new themes
You can change the sizes of the form layout table
You can also change the dimensions of the individual parts of a form layout table
You can publish a contact form in one column table or two columns table


RichContactPro Language

RichContactPro is in English but it can be easily modified to other languages.

Help and Documentation

RichContactPro Documentation

The help is available as an online resource and is updated
Well-documented, tutorials, FAQs, videos are available on the website

Buy RichContactPro

Buy RichContactPro

Joomla! 2.5.x


RichContactPro Testimonials

" This bridge is a most have. specially now that joomla and wordpress are kind of internet standart applications " by xfgarcia, on the JED

" It worked very well, easy to install and use" by jPaschenda, on the JED

" It all works like a dream now Ive stopped fiddling wth the controls... Many thanks SugaryCB!Support responded with instructions, each time within a few minutes of being asked. And finally when all the obvious stuff had been checked and..." by cleos , on the JED