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RichContactPro Description

It allows you to build forms with different fields type easily using a simple drag and drop manipulation and integrate Joomla with SugarCRM in few minutes, without any specific knowledge of SOAP or SugarCRM API!.

This extension helps you to create workflows with different tasks and conditions handled when associated forms are submitted. Many tasks types are supported: saving submitted data in database, sending by email, integration with SugarCRM and sending alerts.

You can create a workflow that is adapted to your specific process and link it to the forms.
When the form is submitted, the tasks are executed according to the created workflow. RichContactPro allows a wide range of SugarCRM manipulation.
RichContactPro gives you a possibility to define a lot of scenarios for integrating SugarCRM depending on your specific needs. Thence, allowing multiple manipulations of data in different SugarCRM modules simultaneously.

RichContactPro Screenshots
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Buy RichContactPro

Joomla! 2.5.x


RichContactPro Testimonials

" This bridge is a most have. specially now that joomla and wordpress are kind of internet standart applications " by xfgarcia, on the JED

" It worked very well, easy to install and use" by jPaschenda, on the JED

" It all works like a dream now Ive stopped fiddling wth the controls... Many thanks SugaryCB!Support responded with instructions, each time within a few minutes of being asked. And finally when all the obvious stuff had been checked and..." by cleos , on the JED