SugaryCBClientServer Description

SugaryCBClientServer 1.0 beta is a package of a SugarCRM module "SugaryCBClient" and a Joomla plugin "SugaryCB Server", these two parts are used in a one way integration from SugarCRM to Joomla and they work with Community Builder and SugaryCB extensions to accomplish this integration.

The CB fields are mapped with SugarCRM Lead/Contact fields using SugaryCB. When a contact or a lead is created in SugarCRM a new user is created based in the mapped information saved in the SugarCRM module, when a record is updated in SugarCRM the associated user is updated in CB, when a lead is converted to a contact the CB user associated with this lead will be associated with this new contact and when a record is deleted the associated user is deleted.

SugaryCBClientServer allows you also to export existing records to Joomla (CB) user table.

SugaryCB with SugaryCBClientServer provides two-way integration between Joomla and SugarCRM.

SugaryCBClientServer has proprietary license instead of GPLlicense in SugaryCB

has proprietary license instead of OpenSource license in GTK