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2.1 SugarCRM Settings

How to Access

Select the "SugarCRM Settings" button from Control Panel.


The SugarCRM Settings is where you can define the SugarCRM information.


SugarCRM URL. Is adress where, your SugarCRM installation is hosted.
SugarCRM User. Is the SugarCRM default user account. This account will be used to synchronize and import all information from SugarCRM ( Modules, Fields, Statistics ). When you choose Integration to SugarCRM workflow, if the the contact form is assigned to the user, SugarCRM will be assigned to this user, if not, it will be assigned to default user, defined in SugarCRM Settings.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:

  • Save. Save it and return to the main page of the Manager.
  • Connect. Click on this button to test the connection to SugarCRM.
  • Pane. Click on this button to return to Control Panel page

Testing SugarCRM Connection

This is a useful feature that allows you to test the connection and check if there is an error in information settings or a problem in you SugarCRM installation, before saving these settings.

Don't put a slash (/) at the end of a URL. Don't forget www in the URL but if it's a subdomain don't put it.

If there is an error in the URL or there a problem in your SugarCRM installation, you will have the following error

If there is an error in the user information or the user don't exist in your SugarCRM, you will have the following error