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2.7 SugarCRM Fields

How to Access

Select the "SugarCRM Fields" button from Control Panel.


The "SugarCRM Fields" allows you to synchronize the list of SugarCRM fields in RichContact with fields list in your SugarCRM installation and import all custom fields that you have created in SugarCRM .



At the top right you will see the toolbar:

  • Synchronize. Click on this button to synchronize this list with SugarCRM fields list and import all custom fields.
  • Panel. Click on this button to return to Control Panel page.

List Filters

Filter by Partial Name

You can filter the list of fields by typing in part of the Name.

Filter by SugarCRM Module

Select SugarCRM Module. Use the drop-down list box to select the desired Module. Only fields in this Module will display.