SugaryCBClient Configuration

  • Go to the Admin section of your SugarCRM and scroll down to the SugaryCBClient section. Click on "SugaryCBClient Configuration".

There is three configuration parts :

  1. Joomla Account Settings:
    Enter your Joomla information :
    - The Joomla's URL
    - The Path where your Joomla is hosted, can be left empty in case is located in the root.
    - The port, by default is 80.
    - The username and the password of your Joomla account.

  2. Events and Operations:
    This section allows you to define if an operation will be executed in Joomla CB when a specific hook is fired in SugarCRM.

  3. Registration emails submission:
    By default the records export is not done at once but by parts, to avoid the registration emails to be considered as SPAMs.
    In this section you can define the number of emails in these parts and the pause time before sending each part.

is located in the rootin case